28 sierpnia 2011


Nie jesteś dziwna. Tylko jeszcze się nie zdefiniowałaś.

26 sierpnia 2011


Ten, który pomaga najwięcej :)

25 sierpnia 2011


...who is the new family member?

Yes, it is. :)

23 sierpnia 2011

In love with... iWeb!

I've found this program so interesting that I just can't stop thinking about creating new websites' projects! It's so simple and intuitive that anyone should love it. And what's the best - the results are both quickly-coming and professional. You should definitely try it if you are about to make a serious website without having many time and web-designing skills ;)

The only worry is that iWeb is available only on Mac OS X but I truly believe PCs users can also find something similar to it.

22 sierpnia 2011